​There is a strong relationship between cognitive processing and language processing.  For example, if you have difficulty remembering new information, you may have problems reading a book or responding in a soicial conversation.


Often difficulties in cognition lead to poor conversational skills, impaired comprehension and behavioural outbursts.

Cognitive Communication 

Trauma to the brain is caused by a sudden impact to the head or body or a shearing motion to the body. 


Some conditions resulting in TBI include motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults and sports related injuries.​Due to the complexity of the brain, symptoms may vary. 


Some common cognitive communication difficulties include poor attention, poor memory, poor planning, poor judgement and decision making, impulsivity and difficulty finding words.​​​​


Mary-Ellen has worked with this population for many years and will develop a multidisciplinary treatment plan to retrain skills and develop compensatory strategies.​​


A recent Canadian study examining both hospital-treated cases as well as those presenting to a family physician calculated the incidence of mTBI in Ontario to lie between 493/100,000 and 653/100,000, depending on whether diagnosis was made by primary care physicians or a secondary reviewer