Chatterbox Champs


Articulation, vocabulary development and grammar will be targeted in a day camp atmosphere. Take home activities will be provided for family fun!


Activities will include storytelling, games, music, art, and crafts. Transfer of these skills will be a focus of the day-to-day activities.


There will also be a focus on literary development as it relates to speech and language development. Verbal memory, phonological awareness and critical thinking skills will be targeted.

Think Tank

Critical thinking, language development, literacy, verbal memory, phonological awareness and much more will be targeted in an environment of learning and laughter. Take-home activities for continued language development will be provided!


Overview of Speech and Language Summer Camps


  • This summer, we are offering speech and language camps in our clinic. Ideal candidates for these programs are children with speech and language delays who are able to participate in a small group setting, like to interact with others, and enjoy games and storytelling activities.


  • There will be a maximum of 4 children per camp with a ratio of 2:1. Although children will participate in group activities, individual goals will be established for each camper. As well, a home program will be developed for continued practice and maintenance of goal


  • Early speech and language deficits that remain untreated are predictive of school failure. Children entering the school system with speech and language delays are at risk of experiencing difficulties learning to read, as well as having poor writing skills. These difficulties also have significant implications for social interactions and self-esteem.


  • Fees paid for these therapeutic camps are eligible for reimbursement through many health care insurance plans. As well, they qualify as tax deductible health care expenses.