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In simple terms...
Language is how you develop ideas and formulate sentences 

Language based learning difficulties often result in difficulties with the school curriculum.  Children with these difficulties show deficits in one or all of the following areas:  speaking, understanding, reading and writing.

In speaking, children have difficulty finding the right word, expanding vocabulary as new topics are introduced, formulating good sentences, sequencing events and retelling stories.  In understanding, they may have difficulty following instructions, understanding jokes and sarcasm and understanding grammar.

In reading, they may have difficulty decoding words, comprehending stories, making predictions and inferences.  In writing, they may have difficulty putting their thoughts on paper, using spelling and grammar correctly and linking paragraphs.

Young children may have difficulty acquiring speech and language skills as listed above. Mistakes can often be part of this process. Some children will correct their mistakes over time, while others will continue to struggle. If this is the case, your child may benefit from speech and language therapy. 
A speech-language pathologist will develop a comprehensive plan of treatment to develop core language based skills and address the interaction between language based skills and cognition.