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Register with Mary-Ellen Thompson, Ph.D's Speech and Language Camps offered for ages 3-5 (Speech Stars), 5-7 (Chatterbox Champs) and for children in Primary grades (Think Tank). To register please call our office number at 613-961-1719

This summer, we are offering speech and language camps in our clinic (1 Bridge St. East, Belleville ON). Ideal candidates for these programs are children with speech and language delays who are able to participate in a small group setting, like to interact with others, and enjoy games and story telling activities.  


There will be a maximum of 4 children per camp with a ratio of 2:1.  Although children will participate in group activities, individual goals will be established for each camper.  As well, a home program will be developed for continued practice and maintenance of goals.


Early speech and language deficits that remain untreated are predictive of school failure.  Children entering the school system with speech and language delays are at risk of experiencing difficulties learning to read, as well as having poor writing skills. These difficulties also have significant implications for social interactions and self-esteem.  


Fees paid for these therapeutic camps are eligible for reimbursement through many health care insurance plans.  As well, they qualify as tax-deductible health care expenses.  

Speech Stars (ages 3-5): 

Weekly for 5 weeks OR 9:30-11:30 for 1 week


Specific speech goals will be targeted through story telling, games, music, arts, and crafts. Carryover and take home activities will be provided for parent-child activities. 

Chatterbox Champs (ages 5-7):

9:30 to 11:30 for 1 week


Articulation, vocabulary development and grammar will be targeted in a day camp atmosphere. Take home activities will be provided for family fun!  

​Think Tank (Primary Grades):

1:30 to 3:30 for 1 week 


Critical thinking, language development, literacy, verbal memory and much more in an environment of learning and laughter. Take-home activities for continued language development will be provided. 

Cost: $250 per session includes screening and development of goals. With current assessment, cost is $175.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the underlying cause of speech or language delay?

Delays in speech and language skills can be associated with the following factors:

- genetic​

- physical

- environmental 

*keep in mind that obvious causes are often difficult to point out 

The following group of special populations are more likely to face communication disorders:

- children with autism
- children with genetic syndromes​​​​
- children with physical problems 

​                          cerebral palsy

                          cleft palate

                          developmental delays

                          hearing loss​

​Note: Prenatal and perinatal factors can also be contributing factors to a potential speech or language delay in the child

2. Why bother with therapy if my child might eventually outgrow their speech delay?

If the child's speech and language disorder is prominent, it is not likely that they will be able to outgrow it. Whether their difficulty is subtle or profound, these difficulties will have an impact on their future learning capacity, literacy, and social-emotional development. In the absence of treatment, a child's academic and eventual vocational capabilities are compromised, although with that said, it is never too late to get involved in speech therapy. 

3. How long before therapy results in a measurable difference?

Articulation therapy (sound pronunciation problems): relatively short term

Language Disorder: generally longer term

Therapy for stuttering: long-term follow up