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Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

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Join us for "The Art of a Tale", a storytelling workshop for survivors of Acquired Brain Injury where participants learn how to share their story through writing, film, and music. Call 613-961-1719 to register today.

Many Survivors of Acquired Brain Injury have redefined their lives. Their stories are stories of struggle, perseverance, hope and survival! Telling these stories can be a rewarding experience for survivors and an enriching experience for their readers. This workshop series will assist survivors in developing the skills to tell these stories effectively including:


  • Developing a framework​

  • Exploring different storytelling mediums​

  • Hands on experience with different programs​

  • Constructive Feedback

  • Opportunities for discussion ​

Space is limited, please call 613-961-1719 today to participate in this storytelling workshop  and share your story. 
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Those of you who are survivors of Acquired Brain Injury, caregivers, family members or friends, please register for Mary-Ellen Thompson, Ph.D's Cognitive-Communication Workshop series to reserve your spot! Call 613-961-1719 today!
Did you know?
  • At least 81% of survivors of Acquired Brain Injury have some cognitive-communication problems. 

For the duration of 4 weeks, we'll help you with cognitive-communication challenges in a supportive environment. Our goal is to help you improve daily family functions and rebuild your relationships post-ABI. 

Workshop Topics Include:


  • conversational interaction

  • social communication

  • word retrieval 

  • discourse difficulties 

  • behavioural self-regulation 

Reserve your spot for this 4 week workshop series! 
Call 613-961-1719